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21 S. Potomac St., Hagerstown MD 21740 (Directions)
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Theatre Etiquette

  • No large bags or backpacks permitted. All other bags/purses subject to search.
  • No firearms, weapons, knives or drugs of any kind permitted.
  • Security Measures may vary on a per show basis.

Please arrive 60 minutes prior to show time in order to allow for adequate time to park, enter and acquaint yourselves with The Maryland Theatre.

Cell Phones

ALL CELL PHONES MUST BE OFF OR ON SILENT FOR ALL PERFORMANCES. For obvious reasons, this can be such a distraction to both performers and fellow theatre patrons.

Camera/Video Policy

This policy will be announced prior to each performance as each show's requests will differ. However, Theatre Ushers & staff will use the following steps in order to ensure the requests of the performers are met.

  • Fist offense, one verbal warning to patron.
  • Second offense, patron will be told that if caught again they will be asked to leave.
  • Third offense, patron will be asked to leave the performance with no ticket refund.

Arrive On Time

You should always make sure you get to the theatre in plenty of time to get your tickets and be seated before it starts. Thirty minutes before start time is usually sufficient. If you're late, the ushers may let you in after the show an act or overture, but, if there isn't an act or overture, you may have to wait until intermission and miss the entire first act!

Infant/Lap Child Ticketing Policy

Children & infants are welcome at The Maryland Theatre. The Theatre does not place an age limit on lap children. The Maryland Theatre permits one child per adult's lap free of charge, no ticket required. If there are two or more children with the same adult, only one of the children may attend as a lap child. Any additional children are required to have tickets for their own seats. It is the Theatre policy to leave the decision to have a lap child up to the discretion of the parent/guardian with the child, unless the show listing details otherwise. Occasionally, Theatre events will require all persons attending to purchase a ticket. Please be advised that The Theatre cannot guarantee storage space for infant seats or other equipment.

Remain Quiet During the Performance

There's nothing worse than sitting near a chatterbox or a ringing cell phone during a performance. Please turn off anything that can make noise, refrain from opening candy wrappers, etc. Save your comments for intermission and, by all means, do not sing along!


Most people like to dress up when they go to the theatre because it's part of the fun! Nowadays you can pretty much wear whatever you want. However, an evening at a symphony, opera, play premier, or ballet may inspire you to more dressy attire than one of a rock, country, or blues kind of evening.

Applaud When Appropriate

The correct times to applaud are when the conductor takes the podium at the very beginning of the performance, after the overture, after a big aria, at the end of each act, and when the singers come out to take a bow if you are attending an opera.

For a Symphony the times to applaud are when the conductor takes the podium at the very beginning of the performance, when the conductor presents the orchestra, at intermission, and, of course, at the end of the performance.

The correct time to applaud during Dance performances such as recitals are, (following along with the program), at the end of each individual performance unless specifically instructed to hold your applause by the Director of the Ballet School. If attending a ballet performance please hold applause until intermission and the end of the program unless otherwise instructed by the Director of the Ballet. Standing Ovations are absolutely appropriate at the end of performances if so inspired!

Of course, less formal shows may be more spontaneous and we encourage patrons to enthusiastically enjoy performances with gusto and joie de vie.

If you are unsure of when those times are, it is best to wait and follow the lead of other audience members.

Applaud Appropriately

Clapping while sitting or standing is always acceptable, and you can yell Bravo, Brava, or Bravi for Opera, Ballet, & Symphony performances. Certainly yelling Encore at the end of more relaxed concerts is appropriate... Yelling out anything other than those three words, as well as screaming or whistling, is inappropriate unless it is a much less formal concert.

Again, when in doubt follow the lead of other audience members.

Encouraging an Encore

Because the Maryland Theatre is a NO SMOKING historic structure, lighting lighters and any type of matches are prohibited to encourage Encore's during concerts. Cell phone lights are permitted, but remember, MAKE SURE THE CELL RING TONE ON THE PHONE IS OFF.

Exiting The Theatre

It is understood that on occasion, audience members may need to leave a performance for personal reasons. Please do so while trying not to disturb fellow attendees. It is also understood that theatre staff, volunteers, or security may ask audience members to exit the auditorium or performance when causing a disruption or not following Theatre etiquette. Theatre attendees exiting an event by choice or by request will not receive an exchange or refund of tickets.

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hour prior to each performance.

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